Country Craft Market’s Approval Day Market

Posted By This Little Piggy, Petunia / 20 March, 2016 / Market News / Comments are disabled

Cape Markets website advises that every year, the Country Craft Market im Somerset West holds an Approval Day market, inviting new crafters who would like to join their market for the next summer season. This year’s Approval Day Market falls on 2 May 2016, and organisers are looking for people with a passion for handcrafts, those who have a talent for creating and an enthusiasm for attending markets.

The Approval Day Market is exactly the same as any other market day, but with a section set aside for the new applicants, while the rest of the field comprises regular crafters. It is very well attended by visitors who love to see something new.

This Little Piggy thinks this is such a Great idea – other markets should certainly follow suit!

If you are interested, you can get the full details on the cape Markets Website – click here

Country Craft Market


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